A.I. Back For More?

by: Kristian Winfield

Allen Iverson is ready to play again.

Iverson’s manager, Gary Moore, says that he will return to the NBA next season.

“Allen is working out and he’s getting himself prepared to make his return,” says Moore “He will absolutely try and play next year.”

A.I. came back to the Sixers in December of 2009 and took leave in March of 2010 because of an undisclosed illness of his daughter. He hasn’t spoken publicly since his wife, Tawanna, filed for a divorce.

A.I. is well known for his fallout with the Sixers in the 2003-2004 season when he was suspended for missing practice, fined for not reporting an illness, missing a game because of that illness, and feeling “insulted” for being asked to come off the bench. He is also known for the press conference in which he said the word practice 25 times.

But let’s not forget all the good he’s done for Philly.

Drafted as 1st overall in the 1996 NBA draft, Iverson has won Rookie of the Year, been an All-Star 11 times, led his team to the NBA Finals in 2001, won the All-Star MVP award twice (2001 & 2005), and is a 4-time scoring champion. He has averaged 26.7 points over 14 years, and at 6 feet, has been one of, if not the only person to do so at such a small frame.

The only thing left to solidify him as a surefire Hall of Famer is an NBA championship.

“Allen is wants to come and help a team win a championship, which he’s completely capable of doing,” said Moore.

If Iverson can swallow his pride and accept a “Sixth Man” role, rather than insisting on being a starter, his skill set can greatly benefit a team.


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