No Quarterback Controversy In Philadelphia; Kolb to Start Week 3

By Kristian Winfield

September 21st, 2010

Philadelphia, Penn. – There has been a buzz in the City of Brotherly Love ever since Michael Vick began taking the snaps for the Philadelphia Eagles.

In the season opener against the Packers, Kevin Kolb, the Eagles’ starting quarterback, left the game at halftime from a concussion. Vick used his playing time wisely, rushing for 103 yards and passing for 175, but his performance was not enough to tame Aaron Rodgers’ 2 touchdown passes, and Mason Crosby’s franchise record-breaking 56-yard field goal. It was a sighting of Vick in his prime, but the Eagles lost to the Packers, 27-                                                               20.

In Week 2, Vick took control of the team, starting for the first time since Week 17 in 2006. Vick passed for 284 yards and rushed for 40 more in a 3-point win against the Lions, 37-34. DeSean Jackson caught 4 passes for 135 yards, and LeSean McCoy rushed for 120 yards in the win. Michael Vick has restored the electricity in the Eagles’ locker room.

But Coach Andy Reid says that Kevin Kolb will start week 3 for the Eagles.

Before his injury, Kolb completed five out of ten passes for 24 yards. A young, inexperienced quarterback, Kolb will not be able to handle the pressures of leading a team as dynamic as the Eagles to victory. Vick has done it in the past and is showing signs of reverting back to his dominant self.

But according to Coach Reid, there is no quarterback controversy in Philadelphia.



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