Touchdown Celebration For DeSean Jackson; Eagles Beat Cowboys 30-27

by: Kristian Winfield

There has been much controversy over Philadelphia Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson and his touchdown celebrations. Last night, in the fourth quarter against the Dallas Cowboys, Jackson broke a Mike Jenkins tackle and turned it into a 91-yard touchdown catch, putting the Eagles up 27-20, thus solidifying the victory over the Cowboys.. But just before crossing the plane, DeSean Jackson turned around, faced his defenders and plunged backwards into the endzone.

Critics believe that this is “classless”, and the fact that he continues to do this hurts his image as a professional football player. In my opinion, if DeSean Jackson wants to backflip into the endzone, and then “hit that dougie”, he can do it! Jackson has labeled himself as one of the best receivers in the NFL. Last night, he had four receptions for 210 yards… With an injured foot! If the opposing team’s defense is so porous that they allow an injured receiver to get 210 receiving yards on then, they deserve to be taunted. It might not be very professional, but that’s what he wants his image to be, and he can build his image however he wants to.


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