Trade Grades

by Kristian Winfield

This year’s trade deadline has included some of the more historic movements in the history of the NBA. The league hasn’t seen trades like this in a long time. However, some of these trades were good moves, and others bad.

Charlotte: C+
Joel Przybilla, Center
Dante Cunningham, Forward
Sean Marks, Center
Two first-round draft picks and cash

Portland: A
Gerald Wallace, Forward

The Blazers went out and grabbed Gerald Wallace from the Charlotte Bobcats for virtually two first-round draft picks. With a team as young as theirs, the Blazers don’t need those picks to develop as a team. And with Brandon Roy returning from injury, and LaMarcus Aldridge’s increase in productivity, the Blazers can do some big things in the future. As long as Greg Oden and Marcus Camby can find a way to play more than 50 games in a season, I see Portland as a definite contender in the Western Conference for years to come.

New York: B+
Carmelo Anthony, Forward
Chauncey Billups, Guard
Shelden Williams, Forward
Renaldo Balkman, Forward
Anthony Carter, Guard
Corey Brewer, Forward

Denver: B
Danilo Gallinari, Forward
Wilson Chandler, Forward
Raymond Felton, Guard
Timofey Mozgov, Center
Kosta Koufos, Center
Knicks first-round pick (2014 or later)
Warriors’ second-round picks in 2012 and 2013
$3 million

Minnesota: B-
Eddy Curry, Center
Anthony Randolph, Forward

Well, the Knicks did it. They went out and snatched Carmelo Anthony from the Denver Nuggets. They had to give up everything, and the kitchen sink, for him, but they got it done; and now they can be serious contenders in the East. With Melo and Amar’e  in the back court, and Chauncey and Landry Fields in the front, the Knicks can cause some problems for many teams in their conference. Denver, however, got as much as they could (thanks to Nets’ owner Mikhail Prokhorov) and ended up getting some pretty decent pieces out of the Knicks. They were able to squeeze out both Wilson Chandler and Danilo Gallinari, a dynamic duo if you will, as well as Timofey Mozgov, the 7-foot-1 rookie center with so much “upside,” Raymond Felton, and three draft picks. They’ve got some pieces to build their franchise around and can become a powerful team in the West if they can utilize those picks.

New Jersey: B-
Deron Williams, Guard

Utah: A
Devin Harris, Guard
Derrick Favors, Forward
Two 2011 first-round picks
$3 Million

I think the move that the New Jersey Nets made was very risky. They gave up their speedster Point Guard in Devin Harris, their rookie Power Forward, Derrick Favors, AND two first-round draft picks. Utah did a great job of getting what they could, knowing that Deron Williams wouldn’t sign with them at the end of this season. And the craziest part? DERON WILLIAMS HAS NOT SIGNED A CONTRACT EXTENSION WITH NEW JERSEY. They could’ve given up everything to, essentially, rent Deron Williams for half of a season. If the Nets can’t capitalize in the free agency, Deron Williams will not be there in 2011-2012 season.

Houston: A+
Goran Dragic, Guard
Suns first-round pick

Phoenix: F
Aaron Brooks, Guard

Maybe I don’t see what the Suns’ front office saw, but THIS WAS A DUMB TRADE. Goran Dragic was Steve Nash’s protege. That little skip pass that Dragic does in pick-and-roll situations? That’s Nash’s move! Dragic would’ve been the perfect heir to Nash, who’s getting older by the second. But Phoenix’ front office went ahead and messed it up by moving Dragic AND a first-round draft pick for Aaron Brooks, a speed demon. Maybe they wanted a change of pace, but Dragic will be the next Steve Nash, and Phoenix just lost out, big time. On the bright side, if Dragic can get a starting role in Houston, it’ll give him some experience with a bigger role for a team. This trade could be a very good move for Dragic’s career.

Boston: B
Jeff Green, Forward
Nenad Krstic, Center

Oklahoma City: A-
Kendrick Perkins, Center
Nate Robinson, Guard

This was a great move by Oklahoma City. They’re definitely going to have some growing pains parting with Jeff Green, but Kendrick Perkins’ inside presence is a outweighs Green’s shooting ability. Jeff Green helped spread the floor for Kevin Durant, and Russel Westbrook had great chemistry with him, but in the end, Perkins is a necessity to take down teams like L.A. or Portland with their dominant inside game. Nate Robinson will also help bring a spark on the offensive side for the Thunder.

Los Angeles: A
Mo Williams, Guard
Jamario Moon, Forward

Cleveland: B+
Baron Davis, Guard
2011 first-round pick

I think this was a really good move by the Clippers. Baron Davis, in my opinion, wasn’t really a compliment to the monster, in Blake Griffin, that they have. Baron Davis is limited to the mid-range, foul line extended area, and Mo Williams will help spread the floor and give Blake more room to work with. Additionally, getting Jamario Moon, another incredible athlete, will help the Clippers put some points on the board and play defense.

Atlanta: D
Kirk Hinrich, Guard
Hilton Armstrong, Center

Washington: A
Mike Bibby, Guard
Maurice Evans, Forward
Jordan Crawford, Guard
2011 first-round pick

I really don’t understand what the Hawks were thinking when they put in the trade call for this offer. Mike Bibby is a renowned shooter and an underrated passer. Jordan Crawford, Mr. I-Dunked-On-LeBron, could put up big numbers if he got the playing time, and Mo Evans does everything he’s asked to off the bench; he plays D and knocks down the 3. The Wizards completely swindled the Hawks, only giving up Hinrich and Hilton Armstrong for all these players AND a first-round draft pick. I understand that Atlanta needed to address their need for a big man off the bench, but giving up this much for Hilton Armstrong, who hasn’t proved his worth, and Kirk Hinrich was not a smart move by the men up front.

Houston: B
Hasheem Thabeet, Center
DeMarre Carroll, Forward
First-round pick

Memphis: B
Shane Battier, Forward
Ishmael Smith, Guard

I’m not too sure about how this trade will work out, but Shane Battier is a great look for Memphis. His ability to guard a variety of positions, as well as knock down some threes and bring some veteran leadership definitely helps this young Grizzlies squad. It looks like a pretty decent trade to me.

The Knicks and the Blazers came away with the most on the trade deadline. Look for them to turn it up in the second half of this season.


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