Touchdown Celebration For DeSean Jackson; Eagles Beat Cowboys 30-27

by: Kristian Winfield

There has been much controversy over Philadelphia Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson and his touchdown celebrations. Last night, in the fourth quarter against the Dallas Cowboys, Jackson broke a Mike Jenkins tackle and turned it into a 91-yard touchdown catch, putting the Eagles up 27-20, thus solidifying the victory over the Cowboys.. But just before crossing the plane, DeSean Jackson turned around, faced his defenders and plunged backwards into the endzone.

Critics believe that this is “classless”, and the fact that he continues to do this hurts his image as a professional football player. In my opinion, if DeSean Jackson wants to backflip into the endzone, and then “hit that dougie”, he can do it! Jackson has labeled himself as one of the best receivers in the NFL. Last night, he had four receptions for 210 yards… With an injured foot! If the opposing team’s defense is so porous that they allow an injured receiver to get 210 receiving yards on then, they deserve to be taunted. It might not be very professional, but that’s what he wants his image to be, and he can build his image however he wants to.


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Stoudemire Electrifies New York; Knicks Win 7th Straight

by: Kristian Winfield

Amar’e Stoudemire has taken the Big Apple by storm. In the last seven games, Amar’e has scored 30 or more points and has led his team to a victory each of those games. As a matter of fact, excluding two games, every time Amar’e scores 30 or more points, the Knicks win.

In the Knicks latest win over the Wizards, Stoudemire put up a game-high 36 points, grabbed 10 rebounds, dished out five assists, and blocked two shots, one of which helped secure the Knicks 101-95 victory over Washington, Friday night.

“One thing about Amar’e is he can score,” said Knicks guard Raymond Felton. “What a lot of people didn’t know, he can score from a lot of different ways.”

Gilbert Arenas led Washington with 20 points. This marks the fourth straight loss for the Wizards, who have dropped eight of their last nine games. John Wall had arguably his worst game of the season, scoring eight points on 4-of-14 shooting and six assists after missing Washington’s game against Sacramento with a sore left foot.

Wilson Chandler contributed to the victory with 16 points and eight rebounds, and forward Danilo Gallinari also finished with 16 points and five rebounds.

This win for the Knicks is the longest winning streak for the franchise since then 2000-2001 season, where they won 8 in a row. Amar’e also tied the streak for longest 30+ point games in a row, joining Willie “Willie the Whale” Naulls as elite company.

Amar’e finished with a different kind of triple-double: 36 points, 10 rebounds, and 11 turnovers.

“I had no idea that the turnovers were that high on my part tonight, I had no clue. But, when you turn the ball over and you still win, you must be a pretty good team.”

If Amar’e can keep up this level of play, the idea of the Knicks being a playoff team won’t be too farfetched.

*Key Notes: Andray Blatche finished with 16 points. JaVale McGee finished with 10 points                        and 10 rebounds. Nick Young scored 17 points.                                                                              Knicks next game will be on Sunday in NY against the Denver Nuggets, a                                tougher opponent than any of their last seven victims.

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Heat Scorching With Seventh Straight Win

By: Kristian Winfield                                                                                                                         December 11th, 2010

The Miami Heat are finally playing up to everyone’s expectations. They have caught fire over the past two weeks, marking their seventh straight victory in a landslide win over the Warriors, Friday night. This 22-point beating was led by Dwyane Wade, who scored a game-high 34 points, along with nine rebounds and seven assists. King James also left his mark on the Warriors, putting up 25 points, nine assists, and seven rebounds. This 106-84 victory was by far Miami’s best game this season, as they exhibited the one thing that had been lacking all season: team chemistry.

“Me and D-Wade have figured it out,” James said. “We just started going back to our games, what made us who we are in this league. It’s resulted in us playing good basketball, offensively and defensively.”

On the other side of the ball, Monta Ellis had a team high 20 points and seven assists. He was followed by ex-Heat member Dorell Wright who had 12 points, on 4-9 shooting from beyond the arc, 10 rebounds, four assists, and two steals. This massacre marks Golden State’s sixth straight loss.

“I’m not worried, because I think they are playing hard,” said the rookie Warriors’ coach, Keith Smart. “I would be worried if this team didn’t want to work anymore, if they didn’t look like they were competing on the floor, then you would have some flags.”

Stephen Curry did sit out this game, due to a re-aggravated sprained right ankle that he twisted in the Warriors’ loss to San Antonio. He will be out until the swelling in his ankle goes down, which could sideline him for a few more games.

Chris Bosh also contributed 16 points and seven rebounds. His level of play has been steadily increasing as the season progresses, averaging about 18 points and nine rebounds in his last five games.

When asked about the seven-game streak, Wade replied:

“It’s good but it doesn’t mean anything. It’s still early in the season,” he said. “Right now what’s good is that we’ve won seven straight playing good basketball. We have a tough game tomorrow, probably the toughest game on this road trip because it’s the last one and it’s on a back-to-back. We can’t have any letdowns.”

*Key Notes: Miami shot 53% from the field. Golden State shot 37%.                                                               Both Reggie Williams and David Lee scored 13 points for Golden State.

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A Perfect Record Tarnished; Nuggets Upset Lakers: 118-112

By: Kristian Winfield

November 12th, 2010

The Lakers’ winning streak came to an end last night when the Denver Nuggets handed them a six-point loss at the Pepsi Center.

The matchup went back and forth, no team making a distinct run until midway through the third quarter when the Black Mamba himself, Kobe Bryant, knocked down back-to-back trey-balls to give Los Angeles an 11-point lead. But whenever Denver needs a Big Shot, they go to Chauncey Billups, who matched Bryant’s three and made it a single-digit game again.

To start the 4th quarter, the Nuggets went on a 10-0 run, tying the game at 91. But once again, Kobe was able to silence the Nuggets, knocking down a three, followed by a Shannon Brown putback dunk. When asked about his team’s 4th quarter play, Coach Phil Jackson said two words:

“It sucked.”

The Lakers had five turnovers in the period, and was outscored by the Nuggets; 33-19. 11 of Nuggets’ guard Ty Lawson’s 17 points came in that fourth quarter, as well as both of J.R. Smith’s 3-pointers.

But the biggest factor in the game was Carmelo Anthony, who, despite all the trade talk, still put up 32 points on 14-of-25 shooting, and 13 rebounds. The rest of the scoring load was carried by four other Nuggets (Billups, Smith, Nene, and Lawson) who each scored in double digits. Rookie Gary Forbes also scored 6-points including a crucial layup in their fourth quarter run. When asked about the game, Coach George Karl put the victory on the size matchup against the Lakers.

“When we went small our speed beat their size,” said Coach Karl.

And his words were backed up my Al Harrington’s pestering defense on Pau Gasol on the block. Gasol finished with 17 points and 20 rebounds, but shot 6-of-17 and had 3 turnovers, 1 of which was caused by Harrington in the fourth.

As for Kobe, well…. He’s Kobe. He finished with the game high 34 points along with 5 assists. But due to a horrible start, he shot a mere 11-32 from the field. Artest also had a great game, finishing with 18 points, 5 rebounds, 2 steals, and 3 blocks.

There is only one undefeated team left in the NBA. And it’s not the Heat. Nor is it the Celtics or the Magic. It’s the New Orleans Hornets who have been led by their sensational point guard, Chris Paul, who has averaged 17.9 points, 9.9 assists, 5.4 rebounds, and 2.4 steals per game. If they keep this play up, the Hornets might actually make the playoffs in the Western Conference this year. As for the Lakers, they still have their eyes set on winning 70 games this season. Though they lost last night, they are still on pace to do so. And once Andrew Bynum returns, the West might be looking at a different kind of monster this season.

*Shannon Brown finished with 19 points off the bench on 7-of-14 shooting.


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Blake Griffin Takes The NBA By Storm

By: Kristian Winfield

October 28th, 2010

The Los Angeles Clippers are finally cashing in on Blake Griffin, their first overall selection in the 2009 NBA Draft. Griffin suffered a non-displaced stress fracture of his left patella during the a preseason game against the Hornets last year and was out for the entire season.

But after tonight’s season opener against the Trail Blazers, Blake Griffin proved that he was completely worth his stock. Griffin opened the night with a thunderous dunk, earning his first two NBA points. His next two came off of a one-handed putback dunk. He then began to showcase his low-post abilities, scoring on Portland Forward LaMarcus Aldridge with a baseline spin to the basket. Blake Griffin finished the night with a double-double, 20 points, 14 rebounds, and 4 assists, being the first rookie to start off their NBA career with a double-double since Lamar Odom.

“In some areas I did well, but there’s a lot of room for improvement,” said Griffin. “It was a sigh of relief that I made it back, but I don’t want to make this game bigger than it is. It is a first game, not a live or die situation.”

Blake Griffin had a great game, but the Trail Blazers had a better one, beating the Clippers: 98-88. Brandon Roy had a double-double, putting up 22 points on 7-19 shooting, including two buzzer-beating shots, and grabbing 10 rebounds. LaMarcus Aldridge had 19 points and 10 rebounds for Portland, and veteran Center Marcus Camby finished with 11 points and 14 rebounds.

“They were sending multiple guys at Brandon in the second half, and it’s hard to play one-on-three,” Camby said. “But we really didn’t need him that much in the second half. Our two best players are LaMarcus and Brandon, and when one doesn’t have it going in the first half, like LaMarcus, Brandon led us in the first half. In the second half, Brandon didn’t play well and LaMarcus did. So it’s good to have that balance.”

Aldridge knocked down an important three-pointer in the fourth quarter to put Portland up by seven, which would prove to be an insurmountable lead as the Clippers would have trouble scoring.

Eric Gordon led the Clippers with 22 points, and Rasual Butler put up 16. Baron Davis finished with eight points, three assists, and four turnovers.

If the Clippers can get their gameplan together, and possibly revolve it around the dominance of Blake Griffin, they might be able to go .500 this season, or even possibly make the playoffs this season. Then again, they will have to deal with that other monster in Los Angeles- The Lakers.


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Revis: A Jet Once Again!

Revis Ends Holdout With Jets

By: Kristian Winfield

September 7th, 2010

The Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum and defensive sensation Darrelle Revis have finally agreed on a 4-year/$46 million contract, officially making him the highest paid cornerback in the NFL.

Revis’ contract holdout first began in May after he sat down and spoke with the Jets staff about his contract:

I have talked to Coach Ryan and [general manager Mike] Tannenbaum himself and they believe I should be the highest-paid player at my position,” said Revis. “They understand that and I understand that. It is something that is going to get done. The Jets are family to me.”

Last season, Revis’ performance crowned him as the best corner in the league, overshadowing Oakland’s Nnamdi Asomugha as the template for a shutdown cornerback. He had 6 interceptions and a remarkable 31 forced incompletions over the 16 games he started. But when the Jets failed to deliver their promise at the end of the season, Revis showed them how much of a business the NFL really is, skipping the beginning of training camp.

Under his original contract, Revis was set to make $1 million in the upcoming fourth year of his six-year rookie contract. However, if he was to become the highest paid corner in the NFL; that amount would have to change.

“It not has only been hard on u guys, but it has for me too,” Revis said on his Twitter page early Monday morning. “I just want to tell yall that I’m sorry for this process and I can’t wait to get back on the field.”

Darrelle Revis’ new deal includes $32 million in guarantees over the next four years. With him etched into the lineup, the Jets secondary is virtually impenetrable, as the Jets signed CB Antonio Cromartie earlier in the offseason. If their offense can hold put some points on the board, Gang Green could make a serious run for the title this year.


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No Quarterback Controversy In Philadelphia; Kolb to Start Week 3

By Kristian Winfield

September 21st, 2010

Philadelphia, Penn. – There has been a buzz in the City of Brotherly Love ever since Michael Vick began taking the snaps for the Philadelphia Eagles.

In the season opener against the Packers, Kevin Kolb, the Eagles’ starting quarterback, left the game at halftime from a concussion. Vick used his playing time wisely, rushing for 103 yards and passing for 175, but his performance was not enough to tame Aaron Rodgers’ 2 touchdown passes, and Mason Crosby’s franchise record-breaking 56-yard field goal. It was a sighting of Vick in his prime, but the Eagles lost to the Packers, 27-                                                               20.

In Week 2, Vick took control of the team, starting for the first time since Week 17 in 2006. Vick passed for 284 yards and rushed for 40 more in a 3-point win against the Lions, 37-34. DeSean Jackson caught 4 passes for 135 yards, and LeSean McCoy rushed for 120 yards in the win. Michael Vick has restored the electricity in the Eagles’ locker room.

But Coach Andy Reid says that Kevin Kolb will start week 3 for the Eagles.

Before his injury, Kolb completed five out of ten passes for 24 yards. A young, inexperienced quarterback, Kolb will not be able to handle the pressures of leading a team as dynamic as the Eagles to victory. Vick has done it in the past and is showing signs of reverting back to his dominant self.

But according to Coach Reid, there is no quarterback controversy in Philadelphia.


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